“How my dance passion maximized my performance in my job.”

Sadhna Meijer-Gopalrai, passion for dance

“One plays tennis and I practice Indian classical dance,” I once said  in an interview.

My job at Amgen Europe, a leading American company, I explicitely perceived as giving structure to my international career. I draped my dance passion in a way over this job.

It is essential to have a personal passion next to your daily work even if you may well like it. Not to be confused with the word ‘hobby’, which has a total different value. A passion is recognized through inspiration enthusiastic radiance, deep inner anchoring and lifestyle. The energy you get from there, you keep carrying with you and this feeds your drive to achieve results. This is certainly my personal experience.Moreover, a passion makes you more visible as a unique individual in your surroundings: for your family, friends but also for your colleagues, including your manager.

When I graduated in dance in January 2007, my manager (Executive Director, International IS) very aptly described that in a personal letter that was part of my graduate curriculum.

It has been more than interesting to discover another part of Sadhna’s life. In her day-to-day working environment I know Sadhna as my executive assistant.  I can imagine that she needs similar skills to help her succeed in both her teaching and dancing career as well as her professional career. Characteristics that come to mind are:

  • The will and determination to learn and perform a complex ritual dance.
  • The skill to arrange a multi-day event for a large audience in a foreign country.
  • The inner balance to be one self in a fast moving company and on stage.
  • The spiritual piece of mind to perform the Arangetram for friends, family, pupils and colleagues.

This makes one think that maybe Sadhna’s two different careers are not as different as they look at first glance. It’s an admirable achievement that Sadhna can combine all this.

Have you become curious? In that case please check my interview in the magazine Vision through my LinkedIn profile. If have recognition with a similar passion and your professional career, please react!


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