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Now I’ve reached the age of 48 years, it strikes me more and more that younger women around 20/30 years get lost. It is as if they, armored by their first self confidence and growing ego, gradually lose this layer little by little. Something in their inner being that has been sleeping is beginning to stir at that age. It is pleading for attention, recognition and love.
I myself have seen it at my own mother; later I discovered this turmoil also in myself. At the age of 30, I felt in the middle of New Delhi, that I was living a fake life. I was totally lost in myself! Back in the Netherlands, I decided to get a divorce within six weeks.


Nowadays I hear many young ladies, who have a certain level of consciousness, asking: “Can you help me to recover my path?” Those who permanently get lost, also misled by their narcissistic self-image, keep stumbling about themselves until around their middle age the bill must be paid: a possible depression. I also believe that this has to do with the pressure to be successful as a young woman. Life should be and remain a true work of art; the bar is very high for twenties and thirties. “Getting lost” in any way helps them to escape from this ratrace.

Tips to get back at yourself

Step 1: I am! Discover yourself.
Step 2: I feel! Take your own personal space.
Step 3: I think! Recognize recurring thought patterns and break through them.
Step 4: I want! Find out what your inner motives are.
Step 5: It is! The synthesis of all the above steps.

Also check out the workshop: “From fairytale image (prince) to rude awaking.”

Sadhna Meijer-Gopalrai, Business counsellor | cultural coach

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