“From fairytale image (prince) to rude awaking”

Through this workshop you gain insights into yourself and your feminine power so you will be able to get along better with your boyfriend / husband. You also learn to make clear choices for yourself, both in your private life and in your profession.

This workshop is based on raising and growing awareness of the key pillars:

  • Self-knowledge
  • Method of (nonverbal) communication
  • Recognizing pitfalls

What will you achieve? After completing this workshop:

  • you recognize your personal qualities and you have become aware of your weaknesses;
  • you have better recognition of your expectations and those of your partner;
  • you will have methods internalized, especially in difficult situations, firmly relying on yourself;
  • you know how to make clear choices for yourself, not dictated by any reaction to ‘bad’ behavior of your partner;
  • you discuss sensitive issues in a way that leads your partner to empathy rather than to defend his ego.


In five separate stages of a session (to 3 hours):

  1. step: I am! Discovery of yourself.
  2. step: I feel! Take your own personal space.
  3. step: I think! Recognize recurring patterns of thinking and teach them to break.
  4. step: I will! Monitoring your own limits and those of others
  5. step: It is! The synthesis of all the above steps.

This workshop series introduces you to the unique way Sadhna Meijer-Gopalrai her people skills and business insights from counseling to the couples ‘hypodermic information’ using techniques from the theory of motion is detected.

Join us on this eventful journey of dynamics in motion with knowledge about the elements earth, water, air and fire. Enrich yourself through an interactive way to discover and practice new insights – so you do not wake up frightened!

The workshop is in a small setting and has maximum six (female) participants in order to give everyone sufficient personal attention.


€ 95, – excluding VAT per workshop section. The parts are also separately book. With simultaneous recording of all five parts, you pay € 425, – instead of € 475, -. The throughput of the entire series of five workshops, five to six weeks.

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