Counselling scan!

Walk your talk: present yourself in the way of walking as your authentic self!

  • What is your focus?
  • Do you go straight for your goal?
  • How is your posture when walking?
  • What discrepancies are visible in your physical posture?
  • How do you dare to occupy space?

Experiencing yourself physically through movement offers you openings to improve your current situation. How is that possible? The answer is easier than you think. You connect your awareness with your current situation: start to observe the way you are walking the paths of your world physically including your thoughts.

A few questions:

  • Are you happy in / with your work?
  • Is your manager happy with your output?
  • Did you clearly understand the value of your job for the organisation?
  • Do you feel easliy fatigued?
  • Do you see opportunities for your job to make it more enjoyable??
  • Do you see opportunities to improve your output?
  • How big is your self propelling ability if you hit an impasse?
  • Is your employer satisfaction rating multiplied by the employee under 50%?

If you cannot respond to all questions in a positive way, it might be the right time for an interview! In that case please submit the contact form.

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