My quest is your quest!

For knowing who you are and, above all, who you want to become, you must also analyze where you are coming from. This self-analysis requires courage and perseverance, especially if you come across annoying elements of yourself. In our younger years, we often don’t take the time for that; life goes fast, we are rushed by our hormones (adrenaline), career, partner choice and we think we still have ages of time. From your 20th year you should actually already jam on your brake (otherwise life might overhaul you with unexpected, perhaps undesired events) in order to take your future into account and the accompanying growth, to shape and analyze these.

The young woman in development with a career, ambitions, passions and possibly also occupied with maternity has these qualities with which she accomplishes her own mission.

  • Thirst for knowledge
  • Curiosity
  • Wilfulness, however, with readiness for listening *
  • Openness (development / improvement etc.)
  • Listening skills *
  • Honesty
  • Empathy
  • Giving and receiving (not giving and taking)

Sadhana in Counselling’s MISSION is to increase the awareness of the young woman of the above (her inner drive) through which she develops an advanced comprehension of her own responsibility.

Thereby she gains better results in her life, her job. She learns to increase her self-reliance and finds more balance with herself and her environment. That gives more confidence, fun, better focus and therefore higher performances!

Will you join?

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