About Sadhna

Who am I?
By the discrepancy in my job as PA, ever created by the difference in experience between my manager and me, caused me to quit my job! The underlying causes, intrigued me and I intensified my search in the psychological backgrounds of behavior within a business environment. I focused on Business Counselling and Transactional Analysis.

Parallel to my personal growth as human being and staff member, I got inspired by movement and started to study Indian classical temple dance, expression of movement, dance therapy and Transactional Analysis (TA). In business we are mainly ‘mind’ driven. However, what moves you and the other one in your mutual interaction? A response on this quest(ion) was found when I introduced workshops based on movement.

Business counseling
All gained knowledge and related practice experiences have been connected with my new profession as business counsellor. From this point of view I create value for business life by getting employees perform better both on organisational and individual level. Especially the young woman in development has my greatest focus.

This High Performance Approach equals Sadhana in Counselling, derived from the dance entity Sanstha Amrit (Continuity in Motion). Creatively translated Sadhana or Sadhna represents: the practice of awareness in daily action and your authentic self!

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