To advance, develop yourself, stand more firmly … Yes! But how?

You are the young woman who wants to advance and develop but still doesn’t not know how she should continue her path of life! Both private and business wise you want to stand more firmly while you remain true to yourself. You want more harmony in your friendships and relationship and you want a nice job or entrepreneurial career.

Young woman in development

The methodology of the new program ‘Young woman in development’ is based on interaction between a small group of women who want to structure her life in her own way. Within this group dynamics, you will learn in a short time a lot about gaining and retaining of focus, self-esteem and image, the influence of your past, ways of communicating and how you build confidence and self-assurance. Grow up to a Woman 2.0!

What is Woman 2.0?
Woman in the present | self conscious | critical | open mind | curious | Pro-man | informative | selfreflection | EQ: switching with empathy | opinionated | listening

This program is based on increasing and becoming aware of the most important pillars:

  • self-knowledge
  • mode of (non-verbal) communication
  • recognizing pitfalls
  • increasing of your personal and inner strength
  • focus on your goal
  • achieving your most important goals

What’s in it for you? After going through this program….

  • You know very well what your personal qualities are and you are aware of your traps.
  • You have better recognition about your expectations and those of others.
  • You are better equipped to rely on yourself especially in difficult situations.
  • You know how to make clear choices for yourself, which are not provoked by a response to any ‘bad’ behaviours of others.
  • You are able to discuss sensitive issues in such a way that conveys respect for yourself and the other – so without judgment – which leads for your intimates to empathy rather than defending their ego.
  • You have created a specific network of equally minded women around you to exchange experiences and thoughts on specific topics. Together you are strong.


In five separate sessions of two hours you will make five steps.

  • Step 1: I am! Discovery of yourself.
  • Step 2: I feel! Take your own personal space.
  • Step 3: I think! Recognizing your recurring thought patterns and learn how to break them.
  • Step 4: I want! Protecting your bounderies and that of others. The formulation of your personal goals.
  • Step 5: It is! The synthesis of all the above steps.


  • Price: € 795,- per person, VAT included (10 hours coaching in total!) 
Frequency: bi-weekly meetings in Culemborg, a total of five sessions.
  • If the training is given in-company or from a business framework, the investment amounts € 995,- per person, VAT excluded, (10 hours coaching in total!).
  • individual coaching: €95,-per hour, excluding VAT.

Choose to advance, develop yourself and stand more firmly: the coaching program ‘young woman in development’ is there for you!

More information?

Call: +31 6 28249929

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